Mystical Solace

Mystical Solace
(Finding comfort in the metaphysical during times of great distress)

It could be part of a temple, half of a church, or a place/time in which to suspend everything and one’s self in the name of a ritual yet to be invented. The space gathers forms and symbols: stairs to ascend without a mooring; thresholds to be crossed, with emphasis on a possible transformation; surreal, haptic objects to be caressed with the eyes and the hands; boulders like talismans; stones like mirrors.
The installation is completely contained within a triangle (magical geometry par excellence) charged with signs, alive thanks to those who will cross its thresholds, who will activate it by inhabiting it: some, but not all, equipped with a certain inclination to the mystical and to ritual…

Installation for Casone during Milan Design Week 2017
Made out of Giallo di Siena, Noir Doré and Rameggiato intarsia and CNC cut.

Curated by Studio Vedet & Matteo Florini
360° experience here, Casone

Photography: Delfino SL & Marco Cappelletti