Nereidi, 2017

Hand-blown Murano Glass vases designed for Salviati.

The Nereidi collection is composed of unique vases of great charm that are the result of painstaking workmanship.
The pieces take their cue from the charming and poetic atmosphere of the Venetian lagoon, springing from the contrast of density between the elements of water and air. Like unusual, fragile creatures that surface from the depths, the vases have a solid base that supports an airy, delicate upper portion. Every piece comes from the study of the material and its craft, and from a great sensibility on forms, colours and surfaces.
Innovation and experimentation, original techniques, novel forms and collaborations with outstand- ing designers become the key factors in a new, exciting phase for the company that has been an exam- ple of elegance in the art of glassmaking for over 150 years.

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