Untitled Nº01

Untitled Nº01 has been created for the exhibition No function - no Sense? for DEPOT BASEL in August 2012.
A non functional object is a bit of a strange idea for a designer....
As the opposite of a traditional designer’s approach where you make objects according to their needs and practicalities, forms follow function (David Sullivan)
I started to draw waves as something fluid, some shapes in totally freedom. The result is a piece of sculpture to enjoy, in a more expressive and sensitive approach. Realising at the same time that for me everything have its function or an attributed function, nothing exist without reason, a painting in his way have its own too: to represent, to be looked at, to give a message, share emotions, to express and more. It is just not a practical “designer function” but it gives different aspect of it.
How many time we buy object that were or are useful but we buy them just for their beauty and put them somewhere as a contemplating object? I do
I finally choose a shape that I was happy with and made me think of a magazine rack, maybe is our designer mind that can’t prevent to think practicality, it is in our genes.
I adjusted the piece to the right sizes. Untitled Nº01 is a sculpture with a secondary function.